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It’s just good business.

Women represent the largest growing market opportunity today. Globally, women’s combined income is rising at twice the growth rate of India and China combined.Hack for her

How do you create experiences that work well for women and men? It starts with understanding their different preferences and motivations, and the choices they make.

Designing for success with female consumers is smart business.

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Our inaugural Hack for Her Summit

Thanks to everyone who joined us at the inaugural Hack for Her Summit on January 12th, 2016 in Seattle, WA. We achieved our goal of launching the Hack for Her movement by welcoming more than 200 men and women of diverse backgrounds and skills who are passionate about the idea of applying a gender-inclusive design approach to build better experiences for everyone.

Leading researchers and practitioners in design, scientific research, and human-computer interaction presented real-world examples of successfully applying the female perspective and the methodologies they used.

Peggy Johnson

Executive Vice President, Business Development at Microsoft

Peggy Johnson is responsible for driving strategic business deals and cultivating relationships with innovation partners. Prior to this role, Johnson spent 24 years at Qualcomm where she held various leadership positions across engineering, sales, marketing and business development. She has been recognized by multiple organizations, most recently by the Connected World Magazine (“2014 Women of M2M List”). Read her full bio.

Christina Chen

General Manager, Emerging Devices Experiences at Microsoft

Christina Chen is General Manager of Emerging Devices Experiences in Microsoft’s Application and Services Group. Her team creates experiences for wearables and fosters cross-group collaboration and grassroots innovation across Microsoft. Christina is especially passionate about inclusive design and recently led Hack for Her, a movement to make experiences work well for female customers. She is one of Business Insider’s 2015 most powerful women in engineering.

Klaus Schroeder

CEO and Strategy Director of design-people.dk

design-people is an award winning Scandinavian innovation and design consultancy with clients that include Lego and LG Electronics. design-peoples diverse team has a passion for user experiences that make people smile. It connects brands to (new) target groups, especially women. Klaus has headed design-people’s three-year “Female Interaction” design research project and presented the findings at TED. He also leads an EU taskforce on gender and innovation.

Margaret Burnett

Professor, School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Oregon State University

Dr. Burnett is the creator of GenderMag, a method for finding gender inclusiveness issues in software. Her research on gender inclusiveness in software spans over 10 years. She has reported these results in over 30 publications, and has presented keynotes and invited talks on this topic in 8 countries. She has received several awards for her research and has recently been named an ACM Distinguished Scientist.

Londa Schiebinger

John L. Hinds Professor of History of Science at Stanford University

Dr. Schiebinger is the Director of the Gendered Innovations in Science, Health & Medicine, Engineering, and Environment project, an international collaboration. Gendered Innovations harness the creative power of sex and gender analysis for innovation and discovery. Her many prize-winning publications include Gendered Innovations: How Gender Analysis Contributes to Research.

Stephanie Yung

Director of Design at Smart Design

Stephanie’s passion lies in saving good women from bad design. She is the Director of Design at Smart and member of Femme Den, Smart’s design lab focused on the female consumer. Her expertise in consumer brand strategy and creation has informed digital and physical experiences targeting the female consumer across numerous industries.

Join the Hack for Her movement

On January 12th we hosted a Hack for Her summit with the goal of raising awareness of the opportunity and benefits of building experiences that treat women as first-class customers is the first step toward building a large and inclusive community.

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