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On Demand Technique Analysis

For: Track and Field athletes (particularly jumpers), sprinters, or other athletes looking to train to jump higher or run faster

Wondering what you can do better? For only $5, send 1-5 videos of yourself and receive detailed feedback within 48 hours describing immediately effective ways to improve your technique to jump higher, further, and/or run faster, as well as advice on how to train to take your technique and performance to the next level.



For: Athletes looking to improve their technique and fitness for track & field or any sport where athletes are interested in running and jumping faster and higher.

Want to get to the next level? Consult and train with a coach that has competed and coached athletes to national and internationally competitive levels. As a certified strength and conditioning coach and specialist in multiple track and field event areas, learning the fundamental movement patterns of your sport and training optimally will change your game for the better. 



For: Any person or athlete who wants to breath and move better immediately.

Using a series of neurolymphatic points to stimulate and activate the correct muscle groups and effectively "reset" the nervous system, Douglas Heel's Be Activated system provides instant results in strength and range of motion by optimizing muscle firing patterns.